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In Dutch, “DeBoer” means “the farmer”.

DeBoer’s Poultry was started by my parents who immigrated and worked on their family farms in Southern Ontario.

Like many Canadians, they worked many hours to make a better life for their children in this great country.

Now, DeBoer’s is a second generation, 100 percent family Owned and Operated Company.

Please visit our History page to read more.

DeBoer's Tradition ensures quality and perfection with all our products. DeBoer's quality in every delicious bite! Chefs recognize the great taste and flavor from all DeBoer's products. DeBoer's : From The Farm... To Your Table. Generations of hard work and dedication to perfection.

At Deboer's, we are constantly striving to improve our products and services to continually serve our customers who depend on us to provide a healthy and tasty food. With our commitment and dedication to our tradtions, we know we will always keep you coming back and recommending us to your family and friends as a trusted provider of quality and healthy lifestyle.

Please follow the links below to get more information about DeBoer's products and our services.

We offer great services for professional and aspiring chefs.

There's no better place to be than your own kitchen table.

We are available at all the finest grocers and supermarkets.

"From the farm to your table" is not just our motto, it's our pledge.

We are constantly improving our product for supply.

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